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The Montezuma Oropendola

The first time I ever heard this bird was when i was in Belize. I was walking through the jungle and I heard these amazing sounds coming from in front of me. The only way i could describe the sound was to liken it to a sound effect when a clown walks into a circus…. […]

Activism gone bad in Yulin, China

I know that writing this will only bring me further grief and add to the never ending critics who have been seeking me out to throw abuse at me and my family. I have already been under immense attack from various followers of one cult group, but regardless, I feel it’s important to set the […]

Gadhimai 2014 A story in Video

This festival hapens every 5 years, the next one is due in 2019. This cannot hapen and I will do everything in my power to stop it.
Its no good calling all the people of Nepal names, wishing harm on them.

Extinction, is it a word used too often?

When I was a youngster around 8-10 years of age, the word extinction intrigued me. I was in the Museum with my stepdad and brother looking at a picture of the Irish Elk and the Dodo, both these animals had the word “Extinct” under them… At that age, i had to try to understand what […]

Taiji at the Mirage

We see pictures on social media in Japan like the one below and we are all in uproar! Captive dolphins trapped in the cove with hundreds of people swimming, shouting, splashing around them…. Bastards we say, scumbags, Look at those poor dolphins!!!! Look at this picture also, when you have done, tell me what’s the […]