About Martyn Stewart

Martyn Stewart is an audio/naturalist specializing in location and field recordings, mostly for natural history documentaries

Many of Martyn’s sounds have been included in over 150 feature films, radio and TV.
His nature sounds have also found their way to CD’s books accompanying Cd’s, bio-accoustic study data collection research and commissioned field work acquisitions.

Historically his work includes Television, Location and Studio operations: Drama, features and documentaries, (16mm and videotape). News gathering. Post production experience in transfer, selection and track laying with film and video using AMS Audio file and AVID audio vision. Familiarity with all current synchronisation systems. Drama, features and documentaries.

He has collaborated with Subhanker Banerjee and others on the CD/book combination, Arctic Wings (Mountaineer, 2006) The Owl and the Woodpecker (mountaineers, 2009) and has a collection of podcasts, CD albums, publications and more available through retail venues and his on-line site.

Martyn was a proud member of the Wild Sanctuary research team for The Arctic SoundScape Project, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, AK, 2006.

Member of the Wild Sanctuary research team for the Katmai NP Project, Alaska, 2007.

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