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I hope you will find something here on my website pleasing to listen to. I have recorded in over 40 countries across this amazing planet, if there is something you would like to hear from my extensive personal library, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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What does Yulin China teach us?

January 7, 2021|

As suspected, Yulin 2017 went forward despite the various announcements stating the sale of Dog Meat had been banned, Stall holders had told the BBC they had heard nothing about the ban from any Yulin [...]

The Montezuma Oropendola

January 6, 2021|

The first time I ever heard this bird was when i was in Belize. I was walking through the jungle and I heard these amazing sounds coming from in front of me. The only way [...]

Activism gone bad in Yulin, China

November 29, 2016|

I know that writing this will only bring me further grief and add to the never ending critics who have been seeking me out to throw abuse at me and my family. I have already [...]

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