We see pictures on social media in Japan like the one below and we are all in uproar! Captive dolphins trapped in the cove with hundreds of people swimming, shouting, splashing around them…. Bastards we say, scumbags, Look at those poor dolphins!!!!

Look at this picture also, when you have done, tell me what’s the difference? In Las Vegas on the strip is a hotel that houses dolphins. The conditions i believe are far worse than Taiji. Both are extremely cruel but this hotel is in the Mojave Desert!

Dolphin feeding at the Mirage Hotel, Vegas

Temperatures in the 100’s with no shade, pound down on these animals. 10 of these dolphins are subject to these conditions.

People watch as dolphins suffer in intense heat

The difference between Taiji and the Mirage hotel is nothing when it comes to animal abuse…….
A very passionate group formed by 2 young women have dedicated their time to bringing awareness to this situation in Las Vegas…

Free the Mojave Dolphins is a group that was founded by Shelly Rae. In fact she moved her home from California to be in Las Vegas so she could concentrate on getting some relief for these dolphins.

This Friday outside the Mirage hotel between 5 and 7pm will be a peaceful demonstration to bring awareness. On the Thursday night the will have a screening of the Cove with Ric O’barry present.

Please support the Free the Mojave Dolphin group as much as you possibly can. Please do not support the Mirage Hotel or any facility that uses animals for entertainment….

Please be a voice for the voiceless. They need you more than ever now.