Nature Sound Workshop 2017

The Naturesound audio workshop 2017.
Naturesound.Org and the University of Washington will be teaching state-of-the-art techniques for recording the sounds of wildlife. Participants will learn through daily field recording sessions and lecture/discussions.
When: April 28th. 19:00 to 21:00, 29th. 07:00 to 16:00 and the 30th. 07:00 to 14:30

Where: Urban Horticultural Center at University of Washington.
Workshop Fee: $95 (includes tuition, class materials, snacks)

sound workshop 2016 coursebook

  • Topics covered include:
  • Selection and application of audio recorders and microphones
  • Recording theory
  • Metering
  • Recording techniques
  • Documentation for sound recording
  • Use of computer-based software to analyze recordings
  • Filtering and the use of sonograms
    Your instructors will be Mark Oberle, University of Washington; Bernie Krause and Martyn Stewart, nature recordist from Naturesound.Org.
    Our workshop will consist along the same principles as the Cornell University Macaulay sound recording workshop which takes place every spring
    Enrollment is primarily based on a first-come first-served basis, with first consideration given to students and researchers.
    Equipment will be on hand for those interested in species recording, ambient/soundscape recording or any other configuration you wish.

    Please send your payments of $95 to
    5510 266th Ave NE
    Redmond. WA 98053
    phone: 425-898-0462
    fax: 425-836-3849