The cruelty of Bear Bile Farms

It’s a darken room with rats running in and out between urine and feces under a dozen elevated cages that house bears.

I’m allowed to record but not film these bears that are drained daily of their bile in the most cruel way.
The bears scream and bang against the wire cages, their agony is obvious and their pain shows in their eyes.
Most of the time I look down at the floor hardly able to watch, i want to set them all free but I simply cannot and i feel useless as i record their cries.

I’m here to do a job yet i feel i’m betraying them, I’m here to contribute to a documentary that shows the cruelty of the Asian culture and their ever ransacking of our natural world for mythical medicine.
Rhino, elephant, shark, Lions, bears and a million other animals are taken from countries far and wide to feed this cultures thirst for ancient cures like lack of penis sizes, aphrodisiacs and cures for ailing body parts.

Please support the work of Animal Asia and their continuing work to save these bears and other animals from day to day cruelty.

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