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Sound of the Week

The Montezuma Oropendola

January 6, 2021|

The first time I ever heard this bird was when i was in Belize. I was walking through the jungle and I heard these amazing sounds coming from in front [...]

What does Yulin China teach us?

January 7, 2021|

As suspected, Yulin 2017 went forward despite the various announcements stating the sale of Dog Meat had been banned, Stall holders had told the BBC they had heard nothing about [...]

Gadhimai 2014 A story in Video

December 12, 2014|

I end this story with my own commentary. The little calves that were laying beaten on the ground amongst their families in their own feces broke my heart. I dedicate [...]

Taiji at the Mirage

October 1, 2014|

We see pictures on social media in Japan like the one below and we are all in uproar! Captive dolphins trapped in the cove with hundreds of people swimming, shouting, [...]

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