The cruelty of Bear Bile Farms

It’s a darken room with rats running in and out between urine and feces under a dozen elevated cages that house bears.

I’m allowed to record but not film these bears that are drained daily of their bile in the most cruel way.
The bears scream and bang against the wire cages, their agony is obvious and their pain shows in their eyes.
Most of the time I look down at the floor hardly able to watch, i want to set them all free but I simply cannot and i feel useless as i record their cries.

I’m here to do a job yet i feel i’m betraying them, I’m here to contribute to a documentary that shows the cruelty of the Asian culture and their ever ransacking of our natural world for mythical medicine.
Rhino, elephant, shark, Lions, bears and a million other animals are taken from countries far and wide to feed this cultures thirst for ancient cures like lack of penis sizes, aphrodisiacs and cures for ailing body parts.

Please support the work of Animal Asia and their continuing work to save these bears and other animals from day to day cruelty.

Zimbabwe sells elephants to China

Zimbabwe has just sold over 20 elephants to China stating it was to slow down the growth of the herds…
Zimbabwe also claim the money is to help fund the Hwange national park!
When i was in Zimbabwe in 2013, the first thing that evident was the new infrastructure and the selling off of its resources.
Roads into national parks and forest reserves were all newly built…
It was all funded by China, Zimbabwe is selling its soul to Asia and China is taking it before closing the door.
Hunting and poaching is taking its toll on elephants in Africa and by the end of my lifetime, these animals will be critically endangered.

I have been working on a program that shows the affect on mother nature by the Asian market.
I recorded lions being killed for their penis, Rhino for their horn, elephants for their tusks, bears for their bile and sharks for their fins….
This latest sale of elephants will condemn them to a life of hell and inhumaine treatment.

ZCTF chairman Johnny Rodrigues added that the transported elephants were between two-and-a-half and five years old – not old enough to be weaned.
The elephants are due to be taken to the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, southern China, which is home to 20,000 rare animals.
Zimbabwe’s Environment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere defended the sale to Bloomberg news agency, saying that “there is nothing irregular with this export, this is part of elephant conservation”.

Gadhimai 2014 A story in Video

I end this story with my own commentary.
The little calves that were laying beaten on the ground amongst their families in their own feces broke my heart.
I dedicate this to all the animals that were brutally killed for a ficticious God by the name of Gadhimai.
This festival hapens every 5 years, the next one is due in 2019. This cannot hapen and I will do everything in my power to stop it.
Its no good calling all the people of Nepal names, wishing harm on them.
These people who attend this festival are mostly impoverished, Their heads are filled with supperstions, they believe that their Goddess with grant them wishes in return for blood…
The powers that be control their behavious and manipulate them…
Collectively, we can stop this and we have to stop it.

Please support the Humane Society of India, The AWNN of Nepal.
Please SHERE this video far and wide.
Without awarness this will not stop.
You HAVE to be affected to act, please let this video empower you to do something.
We have to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves….
A nation is judged by the way it treats its animals.
Mass slaughter hapens every day behind closed doors in the very country we live in…..
You can help by becoming Vegan….
R.I.P beautiful animals, One day you will live without the fear of man…..

Extinction, is it a word used too often?

When I was a youngster around 8-10 years of age, the word extinction intrigued me.
I was in the Museum with my stepdad and brother looking at a picture of the Irish Elk and the Dodo, both these animals had the word “Extinct” under them…
At that age, i had to try to understand what that word meant.
When i tried to, I likened it to not being able to have sweets on the way to school.
Trouble was, sweeties are always there even though i couldn’t have any for the time.
When I understood that Extinction was forever and there were no shops to buy back what had gone, it kinda hit me hard!
The Dodo and the Irish Elk were two animals I could think of besides the dinosaurs.

Up to today, i have witnessed many animals and fauna become extinct.
I have recorded and filmed the black rhino, the Hawaiian crow and the critically endangered Wyoming toad amongst others.
Two thirds of my sound library have become extinct.
I have been to Africa on many occasions, each time I go there I see the change dramatically.

Let's give the animals a helping hand

Let’s give the animals a helping hand

While looking for a song to accompany a film i’m making I came across “Mr Parr” and his Conservation song. I thought I would use it for this video.
Many people will not watch this video because they will turn away but if you are a little squeamish, look away but listen to the song..
We need to be affected to act, we need to create awareness and without your emotional strings being pulled, you won’t do anything..
Please share this, the animals need us more than anything right now, this song and its catchy tune will go a long way into those who’s hearts care about our planet…