Are we doing enough?

September 1st on the calendar for a lot of people is focused on the little town of Taiji in japan.
Each season between September and March, hundreds of dolphins are pushed into a small inlet and either slaughtered in the cruelest way possible or placed into captivity to perform tricks for the rest of their lives.
September all around the globe is also the month hunting season begins and millions of animals loose their lives to blood thirsty so called sportsmen.
What baffles me at times is the level of concentration spent in these areas! The eyes of many sign onto social media and look to Taiji and the plight of these dolphins every day during killing season.
Many tears and threads are shared with thousands of people.
Take a picture as I have done hundreds of times of a dolphin in the cove and you will receive hundreds of comments.
Somewhere out there at the same time on our own doorstep is a beautiful animal being floored in a most barbaric way from the barrel of a gun or the flick of cord that launches an arrow.
Activists spend thousands of dollars visiting Taiji, many go with groups wearing uniforms waving flags and shouting abuse.
In the woods, hunters are allowed to quietly stalk an animal with no bother and end its life without a witness.

I hate what happens in Taiji, I also hate what happens around the rest of the world when it comes to killing animals.
If we could all start by getting our own house in order first and stopping this free for all, wouldn’t other countries take us more seriously and then actually listen to what we have to say?

I believe animal abuse starts at home on our very own dinner table.
The knife and fork are the worst tools imaginable when it comes to abuse.
In Japan they eat whales and dolphin, they ask why is it different than us eating pigs and chicken?
I ask the same!
You cannot protect one species and eat another.
We are NOT dependent on animals for our protein.
You cannot compare us to lions and tigers because they eat meat.
Stop the abuse starting in our homes, Taii, seal killing, rhino poaching, bear hunting and many others will end by example.